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Bridge Loans Florida | Florida Bridge Loans

At Fidelity Home Group, we are Florida Bridge Loan Experts! We offer more options, more transparency and a simpler way to find the right delayed loan program for your unique situation.

A bridge loan is a short-term financing solution designed to bridge the financial gap between purchasing a new home and selling your previous home. In situations where you intend to buy before selling, and thus lack the proceeds from the sale for your new home’s down payment, a financial challenge arises. If you find yourself in this scenario, a bridge loan becomes a viable option to secure funds for your new home purchase. The bridge loan pays off the existing lien [ if applicable ] while providing the cash out needed for down payment on the new home. The equity from the current home is used for down payment for the new home and typically lasts about a year until you begin making repayments.

With a bridge loan, you can obtain the necessary funds to facilitate your new home purchase when you don’t have immediate access to them. The primary use of a bridge loan is often for covering down payment and closing costs. To apply for a bridge loan, you would contact one of our mortgage experts, complete an application, and borrow a maximum of 75% based on both the value of your existing home and the future home you intend to purchase.

You need a partner who is a Florida Bridge Loan Mortgage Expert, knows the current mortgage market and the Bridge Loan Mortgage process. We will advise you when to think on it, sleep on it or go all in on it.